In Visible Ink: crypto-frictions

in-visible-ink-crypto-frictionsIn Visible Ink acknowledges that no form of writing can stay categorically separate from another. Both writing and reading, reader or writer friction each other, desire the contamination of words. As fiction writer and critic, AvH explores other texts, other bodies, other moments arising from the otheredness of the writer in the uneasy position of critic. More than elucidations, these writings become journeys through language and imagination, weaving together the realms of fiction, autobiography, poetry, and criticism.

The pieces of In Visible Ink try to talk about writing and fail; try to talk about immigration and fail; try to read other writing and fail. But they succeed in re-writing, un-writing, and inventing another text, the text of crypto-friction.

“In Visible Ink explores the magic and the curse of literature and language in the face of life – life as a Canadian discovering the hereness of the Arctic, as an immigrant daughter, as voracious and perspicacious reader, and especially as funny, gutsy and learned prairie feminist writer. As one essay puts it: ‘Readreadreadreadread’.”
Linda Hutcheon