2016 Lecture of a Lifetime
April 30, 2016

AvH's dynamic talk on "the power of story." 

Produced by the University of Calgary.
Impressions of Calgary
December, 2014

AvH answers three questions about Calgary. 

Produced by The Calgary Herald.
PechaKucha Night
Calgary #21: One
November 26, 2014

AvH on writing.

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TEDx Calgary Truths(s)
November 15, 2014

How to lie truthfully

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The Walrus Talks:
The Art of the Conversation
October, 2014

Sackville, NB
Slow Talk
Enjoy the listening, mean the words

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The Walrus Talks: Tomorrow

Calgary, AB
The Future of the Past
Throw yesterday over a shoulder, and carry it away

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2013 Distinguished Artist Award
September 2013

Short bio of AvH produced for the 2013 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award by CTV's Alberta Primetime.
The Walrus Talks:
The Art of the City
January, 2014

Calgary, AB
The Art of History
History: it doesn't last

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Alberta Order of Excellence

Short biography of AvH for her induction into the Alberta Order of Excellence.

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PechaKucha Night Calgary #6: enemy
November 24, 2010

AvH on the enemy of writers.

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