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A selection of AvH’s scholarly articles from the past 15 years.

  • “The Sundance Kid: Simulacrum of a Visit.” Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies, 2015 (1-7).
  • “Cleansing Dislocation: To Make Life, Do Laundry” in The Domestic Space Reader. Edited by Chiara Briganti and Kathy Mezei. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012 (194-197).
  • “Infiltrating the Transcultural City: Fenestrations, Farthingales, and Factory Girls.” Reading Transcultural Cities. Ed. Isabel Carrera Suárez, Emilia Durán Almarza, Alicia Menéndez Tarrazo. Palma, Spain: Editions U.I.B., 2011 (43-59).
  • “’Why Should We Forgive our Enemies?’ The Passions and Persuasions of Creative Writing.” Wascana Review 43.1. 2011.
  • “History’s Mirror.” Wascana Review 42.1. 2011. On-line journal.
  • “Stygian Suitcases: Travel’s Temptation.” Riding/Writing Across Borders in North American Travelogues and Fiction. Vienna, Austria: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2011 (21-33). Invited.
  • “Pretending to Europe.” Imaginative Spaces: Canada in the European Mind, Europe in the Canadian Mind. Judit Molnar, ed. Brno, Hungary: Masarykova University Press, 2009 (9-15).
  • “A Canadian is a Quiet Conundrum . . .” What is a Canadian? Forty-Three Thought-Provoking Responses. Ed. Irvin Studin. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 2006 (124-131).
  • “Washtub Westerns.” Unsettled Pasts: Reconceiving the West Through Women’s History. Ed. Sarah Carter, Lesley Erickson, Patricia Roome, and Char Smith. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2005 (251-266).  ISBN 1-55238-177-3.
  • “Encountering Himself: Peter Fidler Takes Advice.” First Nations of North America: Politics and Representation. Ed. Hans Bak. Amsterdam: VU University Press, 2005 (356-373). ISBN 90-5383-9542.
  • “Albertans: Our Citizenship and Identity.” Alberta: A State of Mind. Ed. Sydney Sharpe, Roger Gibbins, James H. Marsh, and Heather Bala Edwards.  Toronto:  Key Porter, 2005 (269 – 275).  ISBN 1-55263-720-4.
  • “The City Small and Smaller.” The Small Cities Book on the Cultural Future of Small Cities. Ed. W. F. Garrett-Petts. Vancouver:  New Star Books, 2005.  pp. 135-143.  ISBN 1-55420-009-1.
  • “Inventing a Family Tree: Is it Possible to be a Dutch-Canadian?” Building Liberty: Canada and World Peace, 1945-2005. Groningen:  Barkhuis Publishing, 2005 (33-51).  ISBN 90 77922 059.
  • “Shooting a Saskatoon (Whatever Happened to the Marlboro Man?)” Challenging Frontiers. Ed. Lorry Felske and Beverly Rasporich.  Calgary:  University of Calgary Press, 2004 (14-25).  ISBN 1-55238-140-4.
  • “Ladies and Escorts.” Writing Addiction: Towards a Poetics of Desire and its Others. Ed. Bela Szabados and Kenneth G. Probert. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre, 2004 (11-22).
  • “Invisibled Laundry.” Signs Vol. 27, No. 3, Spring 2002 (893-900).
  • “Cross-Dressed Writing in Canada.” Caught Between Cultures: Women, Writing and Subjectivities. Ed. Elizabeth Russell. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2002 (2-14).
  • “The Surfless Ocean: A Prose-Poetry Meditation on the Arctic Ocean, resisting writerly inteventions.” Rediscovering Canada–Image, Place and Text. Ed. Gudrun Bjork Gudsteins. The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies Text Series, Vol. 16, 2001 (1-10).
  • “Occupational Heretics for Writing Women.” In “”Canadian Women’s Writing at Century’s End.” Contemporary Verse 2, Vol. 23, No. 1, Summer 2000 (59-66).
  • “The Privacies of Silence, Part Two.” freeLance, Volume XX19, Number 6, February 2000 (8-10).